Fraud Blocker CVE-2023-3213 - WP Mail SMTP Pro Plugin vulnerability that affect 3+ Million WordPress site

CVE-2023-3213 – WP Mail SMTP Pro Plugin vulnerability that affect 3+ Million WordPress site


Protect Your WordPress Site from Vulnerabilities with WP-Firewall

WordPress sites are constantly under attack from hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in plugins, themes, and even core WordPress. Just recently, a critical authorization vulnerability was discovered in WP Mail SMTP Pro Plugin that could allow threat actors to access confidential information on affected sites. This vulnerability, named CVE-2023-3213, impacts over 4 million WordPress sites with the WP Mail SMTP Pro Plugin installed.

Unfortunately, new vulnerabilities like this are uncovered all the time, putting WordPress sites at serious risk of takeover and data theft. As a WordPress site owner, you need to remain vigilant and take proactive measures to secure your site. This is where WP-Firewall comes in.

WP-Firewall is the leading WordPress-specific firewall that provides real-time protection against known vulnerabilities. Our threat intelligence team continuously monitors for new threats, and we immediately deploy new firewall rules to block attacks exploiting these vulnerabilities. WP-Firewall builds a protective shield around your WordPress site, analyzing all traffic and blocking suspicious requests that could compromise your site.

With WP-Firewall, you can rest assured your site is safe from even zero-day vulnerabilities. The moment a threat is detected by our team, a new rule is created and automatically pushed to our firewall for all customers, stopping attacks in real-time before they can damage your site.

On top of vulnerability protection, WP-Firewall provides a full suite of security tools to lock down your WordPress site, including:

– IP blacklisting to block known malicious actors

– Brute force protection to prevent password guessing

– Blocking of malicious URLs and files

– Advanced authentication controls and monitoring

WP-Firewall leverages the largest WordPress-specific malware database to detect infections and prevent your site from being used to distribute malware. Our firewall manages security so you can focus on your business, not worrying about the latest threat.

Don’t leave your WordPress site vulnerable and exposed. The consequences of a breach can be disastrous – site takeover, blacklisting, data theft, and loss of business. Protect yourself with WP-Firewall, the #1 WordPress firewall trusted by over 10,000 businesses worldwide. Sign up today for free!

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